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Shizune Follando con Kakashi Cómics porno de Naruto

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Tsunade's eyes widened when she felt Naruto's teeth clamp down on her nipple and moaned in pain but she also found it surprising how pleasurable it was as well. Tsunade looked down a little as she watched Naruto break down even if it was a little, she could see how badly his parent's death had affected him, she could also understand on a level she to sometimes saw the faces of Dan and Nawaki every time she closed her eyes. Also being new to anal Naruto found himself coming to his climax quicker than normal so leaning down and groping Tsunade's breasts Naruto nibbled on Tsunade's ear. However Naruto started to smile as he and his parents walked around Konoha celebrating the end of the third shinobi war. Sighing to himself Naruto placed his head on the table and slowly let his eyes close wishing that today would be over already.

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